BAR13 Series

Drillers Cabin


Single package, roof mounted, air conditioner use in hazardous applications


  • *Certified by Intertek® (bearing the ETL mark) for compliance to applicable codes and standards
  • Outdoor section suitable for Class I, Division 1, groups C/D hazardous (classified) area
  • Indoor section suitable for non-hazardous area
  • Corrosion resistant coatings for refrigerant coils and tubing
  • Total nominal cooling of 13,500 Btuh at standard ARI
  • Optional 1.6 kW electric heater
  • 115 volts AC, single phase, 60 Hz power requirements
  • Down flow supply and return
  • Ceiling mounted supply/return air grille with built-in thermostat and fan control
  • Spark resistant fan and blower construction
  • EPA approved HFC type refrigerants
  • Stainless steel type 316 cabinet and chassis
  • Optional, protective, component coatings for prolonged life in corrosive environments
  • Built to stock for shorter lead times.


  • Specially designed for Driller Cabins
  • Applicable to other small, personnel enclosures


*Certification may not apply to all configurations. Please contact our technical sales department for more information.