MS-M Series

Mini Split Air Conditioner


Ductless, mini-split air conditioner and heat pump systems manufactured to order for use in hazardous locations and industrial applications


  • CMS-M series condenser units
  • WAM-M series evaporator units


  • Ductless air handler with directional supply air diffuser grille
  • 100% re-circulated indoor air
  • Robust stainless steel cabinet and chassis construction
  • Minimal building wall cut-out requirement
  • Spark resistant construction
  • EPA approved, HFC type refrigerants
  • Mechanical thermostat shipped loose for wall installation in the field
  • Disposable, MERV 5 rated, washable return air filter
  • Tool-less access to return air filter


  • Nominal cooling up to 3 tons
  • Single phase operation in 60 or 50 Hz applications
  • Configurable for operation in various non-hazardous and hazardous rated locations
  • Electric heat for heating or de-humidification
  • Low/High ambient packages available for operation in extreme environments
  • Corrosion resistant coatings for refrigerant coils and tubing
  • Protective component coatings for operation in corrosive environments
  • Digital thermostat (shipped loose) for general purpose applications
  • Electrical disconnects


  • Split hazard locations
    • E.g.: Class I, Division 2 indoor; non-hazardous outdoor
  • Blast/fire rated buildings
  • Control rooms/cabins, living quarters, plant office buildings, and other manned applications