BAR Series

Roof Mounted Air Conditioner


Single package, roof or pad mounted, air conditioner, purpose-built for use in industrial and/or hazardous applications


  • *Certified by Intertek (bearing the ETL mark) for compliance to applicable codes and standards
  • Corrosion resistant coatings for refrigerant coils and tubing
  • Down flow supply and return
  • Spark resistant fan and blower construction
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors
  • EPA approved HFC type refrigerants
  • Stainless steel type 304 cabinet and chassis


  • Remote, operating panel for wall installation and operational control of system
  • Total nominal cooling from 2 to 40 tons
  • Electric heat (limited by temperature code and system size)
  • Single, multi-staged, or redundant circuit operation
  • End/side supply/return
  • Stainless steel type 316 cabinet and chassis for added corrosion protection in offshore applications
  • Single or three phase operation in 60 or 50 Hz environments
  • Configurable for operation in various non-hazardous and hazardous rated locations
  • Protective component coatings for prolonged life in corrosive environments
  • Ventilation packages to maintain specified air changes
  • NFPA 496 packages for automatic control of Types X, Y, or Z positive pressure and purge air flow for the space
  • Advanced chemical filtration packages
  • Low/High ambient packages for operation in extreme environments
  • Portable configurations for temporary applications


  • Offshore HVAC
  • Analyzer buildings
  • Control rooms/driller’s cabins, living quarters, and other manned applications
  • MCC, RIE, power, and various other buildings


*Certification may not apply to all configurations. Please contact our technical sales department for more information.