Intelligent Monitoring System


Add-on package for intelligent monitoring and logging of performance and health of environmental control equipment


  • Factory certified for use in the following locations:
  • General purpose (non-hazardous)
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups B/C/D, T3 (200°C/392°F )
  • Single or 3 phase operation in 60 or 50 Hz environments
  • Discrete and analog sensing methods integrated to PLC
  • Performance monitoring, logging, and alarming by PLC
  • Output to local HMI or remote SCADA system
  • Built-in, step-by-step trouble shooting and repair guide for alarms
  • Preventive maintenance notifications
  • Built-in alarms based on set point violations
  • Real-time trending
  • Historical trending
  • Data logging for trend analysis


  • Indoor temperature and relative humidity
  • Total system cooling/heating capacity delivered to room
  • Heater current draw
  • Input voltage
  • Room air pressure
  • Ventilation air flow and/or air change rate
  • Supply and return air flow
  • Fresh air filter pressure drop to indicate possible dirty, blocked, or missing filter
  • Refrigerant system monitoring with alarms for iced/blocked/dirty coil, or refrigerant leak.
  • Motor and compressor current draw, cycling, and runtime
  • System trouble


  • Shield Air (Birdwell and Marc Climatic) environmental control systems in remote locations and/or critical applications